Membership in the Association is open to anyone interested in the promotion and preservation of the American Teeswater sheep. Members in good standing are kept informed of the Association’s activities, are notified of all membership meetings, have access to annual reports, flock books and copies of the Bylaws.

General Qualifications of Membership

Any person, family or corporation interested in the promotion of Teeswater Sheep may become a member of the ATSA, and as such is entitled to all privileges of full membership except that, in order to be considered eligible for voting, to participate in Association elections and to hold elective office they shall have (1) have paid dues for the current year, (2) have no outstanding financial obligation to the Association more than sixty (60) days past due, (3) currently own Teeswater sheep, (4) have bred and registered sheep in the American Teeswater Sheep Association within the previous two calendar years and (5) not participate in the management of other associations or enterprises so as to be determined by the Board to present a direct conflict of interest with the ATSA. Each owner and registrant eligible for voting per the above shall be represented by but one membership whether such owner and registrant be an individual, partnership, corporation, association or other entity.

Association Records

As part of the yearly membership dues, members will be furnished with an annual flockbook with the records of all animals registered. In addition to the annual printed copy, members will also have access to the entire archived flock report and may receive permission to reproduce Association publications on a limited basis by contacting the Board of Directors.