2018-2019 ATSA Board of Directors

District 1 Representative  (Green)  ; Staci Holtby – President & Treasurer
Year 1, Term 2

District 2 Representative (Blue) ; Heather Carter – Registrar
Year 1, Term 2

District 3 Representative  (Red) ‘BOD calling for volunteer to complete term.
Year 3, Term 1      

District 4 Representative (Purple) ; Cheri Parker – Vice President
Year 2, Term 1

Member at Large  ; Virginia Scholomiti – Secretary
Year 2, Term 1 BOD appointed to fill vacancy 

Canadian District Representative : Sue Clausen

Year 1, appointed by BOD 

The Board of Directors

The Board is comprised of a minimum of 5 active members of the Association and is responsible for the management of the Association. The Board is elected by the membership and serves a term of three years. The Executive Committee, comprised of the President, Vice-President and Secretary are elected yearly from the Board, by the Board members.


The ATSA is represented by four districts in the contiguous US and one in Canada. District 1 includes the West Coast states, District 2 includes the Midwest, District 3 is comprised of the Lake Region states and District 4 represents the East Coast.   The Members of the Board of Directors are elected from each of the 4 Districts and Canada, and one Board member serves At-large. The Board may move one or more states to contiguous Districts from time to time to equalize the numbers of registrations in each District. In the event that no members from a District express interest in filling a Board position, a candidate at large will fill the position.


Prior to declaring their candidacy, a member of the Association must have registered sheep in the calendar year of their candidacy, must be current on their dues and have no disciplinary findings against them. Interested members shall submit a letter or email of nomination to the Association by August 1 of an election year. The Secretary shall ascertain the qualification of the candidate prior to placing their name on the ballot. Directors must continue to breed and register sheep in each calendar year while serving on the Board.


Virginia Scholomiti

Cheri Parker

I grew up on a farm as a child raising all our own meat and vegetables. We had chickens, cows, pigs, horses, and goats. As an adult, I had gotten away from farming until 15 years ago my husband and I purchased the house I had lived in as a teen thru adulthood from my parents. When my husband pointed out my “hayburners” outweighed the producers, I purchased a couple of Angora goats and learned to spin. Once into the fiber arts world I purchased my first Teeswater fleece and fell hard. I answered and advertisement on Facebook for some Teeswater wethers looking for a spinner on the East Coast. That was the start of my obsession with the Teeswater breed. I now own 7 Teeswater wethers from Shepards Lane. I also have Cotswold ewes, a Teeswater Ram, and Ewe. Rounding out the herd are 3 spoiled pygora goats. I am interested in continuing to help the breed grow and flourish and educate the public about the breed.

Heather Carter

Sue Clausen

Staci Holtby