ATSA Membership Fillable Form

There are two options for submitting a membership form.

Active Member Dues $25 (Credit card or check) or $26.06 (Paypal) to include Paypal Fees.

                                                            ATSA Membership Form

Directions:  click on the GREEN button above.  Sign in with your full name and email address.  Click on the “NEXT” button until all fields are addressed.  (It is OK to leave fields blank.)

Click “DONEupper right hand corner when ready to submit.  The document will go to the ATSA Secretary, Treasurer and Registrar.

Payment options:

You will be given the option to pay with credit card after clicking “DONE”.  You do NOT have to use the payment link.  We will still get your form.

If you would like to pay with credit card click the “Pay Now” button.  There is a 3% User fee factored into the payment.  Enter your email if you would like email confirmation.  Enter your credit card and submit!

You can mail a check to ATSA Treasurer PO Box 216 Estacada, OR 97023   OR    ATSA Secretary 631 Lany Hill Delanson, NY 12053

You can pay $26.06 with the PayPal button below.    (Why 26.06?  Paypal charges ATSA user fees, this offsets the fees.)

If the above button(s) fails, download the form below and print.  You can mail it and $25.00 payment to:

ATSA Secretary, Virginia Scholomiti

631 Lany Hill

Delanson, NY 12053

If you print the form below please use the address above! Thank you!

Download (PDF, 155KB)